Thursday, February 09, 2006

Village Bakery - Sebastopol

On the way back down through Sebastopol, we stopped at the Village Bakery, which is known for its Scandinavian specialties amongst its breads and pastries. They had a lovely long pastry case full of cakes and tarts and pastries. Like Mom's Apple Pie, this was a rather traditional establishement, smelling faintly of butter and flour. We ordered the lemon roll cake and mocha biskvie.
I think I've stumped Google on what biskvies are. They possibly derive from a form of biscuit, as it was a cookie-like bottom with apricot preserves and icing on top. A lot of icing--see that ridged structure on top of the cookie? Solid icing. Apricot preserves is kind of another one of my pastry pet peeves.... Why does it pop up so much? It always tastes the same, and is just kind of there and usually comes in huge plastic tubs. The lemon roll cake was rather dry and bland; only a hint of lemon flavor came out of it. Neither of us ate much of either pastry.

The cookies were quite good though. Anise seed and cardamom. Fresh, chewy and flavorful, the cardamom boosted by coarse sugar on top. I'd have them again.
The bakery was decorated in a rural elegant Scandinavian style.
And had this wheat wreath hanging in the window above a counter where we ate.
They also stock items like lingonberry and gooseberry preserves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This place is truly awesome! We live in Sebastopol and buy their seeded sourdough one makes anything like it and it is the most delicious bread I've ever tasted.

8:49 PM  

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