Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tomales Bakery - Tomales

Despite my scouring of the web, we actually happened upon a bakery in the town of Tomales that I hadn't heard of, though the name is pretty obvious: Tomales Bakery.
Now is a good time to mention that there were many bicyclists in this area. It'd be pretty crazy to bicycle around Napa--because there are a lot more cars along its two major byways of Hwy 29 and Silverado trail--but bicycling around Marin and Sonoma counties must be quite nice. Curvy roads, gorgeous scenery, and rolling hills. I think most of them come up from San Francisco for a weekend cycle. The bicyclists also have a taste for pastries, as shown above, and as I noticed outside of the Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes Station.

So, of course, we stopped to sample the Tomales Bakery. It has a tiny selling area, but a large outdoor space with benches and plants. It's open Thurs-Sunday, from 7:30am.... "until it's gone!"

We were very happy with their olive and sun-dried tomato pizzette, which had a good crispness (and it was the closest we got to eating a real lunch). They had a few other kinds, too.
For dessert, we had the lemon-raspberry square. The lemon dominated, but the occasional burst of raspberry seeds and finish of raspberry flavor worked rather nicely. And yes, my "plate" was my canvas bag, as we sat outside on a bench.
I also had a perfectly-sweet hot apple cider.

The town of Tomales has a population of about 200 hundred people, though during the railroad boom, there were 2,000. The town displays an old-fashioned architecture, though with modern awareness. You'll notice that that bank-like building on the right is "Not A Bank"--it's an art gallery.
There was also a cozy looking inn.
And a rather matching general store.
These buildings aren't necessarily the commercial area..... but they're the majority of it. And I'd be happy to go back....

Here's a good article from the San Francisco Chronicle about the town and area.

And we kept driving, back into Sonoma County.


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