Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tomales Bay

We chose a beautiful route up along Tomales Bay on our way through Marin county and back into Sonoma county. There are lots of signs for BBQ oysters in restaurants. The bay is a prime oyster spot, and the Tomales Bay Oyster Co and Hog Island Oyster Co have been recommended to me. You can buy oysters and barbecue them right on the water; and bring a cooler to bring oysters home, if you've so inclined. An article about west coast oysters is here. Hog Island Oyster Co is also located in the San Francisco Ferry Building.

We didn't indulge in oysters, but did admire the scenery, and the houses that have great views of the scenery.
And finally, I was able to stop near a farm to take pictures of the lovely cows that make such fine cheeses and milk and cream for the area.


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