Monday, February 06, 2006

Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Where Are You?

So... Not all dairies are open to the public. But I really, really wanted to stop by the Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co, which is known for their blue cheeses. Point Reyes Original Blue, in particular. I looked on the internet. I went on their site. I noticed that they listed a PO Box as their address, and there was no visitor info. Granted, I knew I could probably buy it at the gourmet shops in St Helena and Napa, but I wanted it from the source.

But I also knew that it was run by the Giacomini family. So, as I was leaving Point Reyes Station, I drove past one sign for the Giacomini dairy... and then another one about 1/8 mile past.... so I veered into the driveway. Maybe I could score some after all.

This kind of "road" continued quite a ways over rolling hills, and forked into the earlier driveway. No dairy was in sight. I wanted to go back to the highway but it was clear that a certain first rule of Napa also applies in Point Reyes... First rule of Napa: there are no u-turns in Napa.
We did reach the dairy eventually. A muddy, black, bird-infested, cow-staring complex of buildings. I finally was able to turn around. And fast.

No blue cheese for me.


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