Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bill's Farm Basket - Sepastopol

Next, we headed back east. We happened upon yet another unexpected cool place on the rural outskirts of Sebastopol: Bill's Farm Basket. It's an organic store with produce and dried fruits and other sundries. PLUS, on that Saturday and Sunday, they had BBQ organic chicken cooking outside. Yes, in February. But it's California... In the afternoon, you can usually wear short sleeves.
You may have guessed by this time that this area of California is rather in-your-face liberal. You're right. I came across references to the "alternative" town of Sebastopol here and there. Turns out that it has the second-ever Green Party majority in its city council, so it's pretty much run by the Green Party (Arcata, CA was the first). It's also a nuclear free zone. It seems like it's easier to eat organic here than not. And we saw this car and sticker in the parking lot. Apparently, it runs on pure vegetable oil. And it's a Mercedes station wagon. Go figure.
You may have also noticed that there is a lot of good food in this area, with an unusual devotion to espresso. You're very astute. On the south side the parking lot, resides this establishment.


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