Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Patisserie Angelica- Sebastopol

And we persevered. Next was Patisserie Angelica, a few blocks away from Screamin' Mimi's, but rather than downtown, it was more in a commercial park area. It was housed in a chalet-like building.
This place has serious pedigree -- one of the co-owners trained at Fauchon and La Maison du Chocolat in Paris, and attended Callebaut College and Cacao Barry School--so not just one chocolate school, but TWO.

I found the pastries and chocolates to be in a classic style with a touch of the eclectic.
Baked Frangipane Tarts, key lime tart with oreo crust, parisien pastry, tiramisu pastry, fallen chocolate souffle pastry. There were chocolates and an icing wrapped "package cake." A marvelous display, in a humble pastry case so that the offerings stand out like jewels. There were pictures of amazing wedding cakes on the walls - elegant and skilled, and very much in control though they had complicated designs.

Despite our fullness, we tucked into the Cardinal Sin: a flourless chocolate pastry with chocolate ganache and chocolate shaving toppings.
I also had a free sample of their raspberry cheesecake -- I don't know where they found such juicy, flavorful raspberries, but that bite was a sensation in its own right. And the Cardinal Sin... was rich... and delicious... yet somehow felt light enough so that we made rather good progress with it....


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