Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kozlowski Farms - Forestville

I don't think that winter is a good time to visit Kozlowski Farms in Forestville, which is north of Sebastopol and a mile down the road from Iron Horse. It would be fun to buy fruit there when it's in season, but when we went, there were jars and jars of jams and sauces and dressings, and a few pastries in the pastry case. Many free samples, which were good, but I wasn't smitten by anything. Unless I can find something that I absolutely can't make myself and must have, I'm not so much into those. I considered the Kiwi Jam (which wasn't offered as a sample that day), but in the end, I just walked away. If you're into bottled stuff, though, this is your paradise.


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