Thursday, February 09, 2006

California Carnivores - Sebastopol

Since it was almost 5pm, California Carnivores, in the rural southern part of Sebastopol, turned out to be our last stop. And it seemed fitting -- why not watch another species eat for a while? It's purported to be the world leader in quality carnivorous plants. I was looking forward to seeing Venus Fly Traps and expanding my ready knowledge of other carnivorous botanicals.
Oh. They close at 4pm. Most stores and wineries close around 4pm or 5pm, so I wasn't very surprised.

But I still looked inside.... and could make out two skeletons amidst some plants.
I think that even carnivorous plants are in their winter phase this time of year. Their plants outside looked pretty recently pruned... but given my lack of teaching, these may or may not be carnivorous.


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