Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Napa Premium Outlets

This serves as my local mall. I was happy with it. A good variety of clothes and assorted goodies for fair prices, and the salespeople were extremely friendly. I mention this because when I was looking for an apartment here, I was a bit concerned about some of the sketchy neighborhoods I visited. The town of Napa has not been known for being a particularly idyllic place to live, but most like to say the town is undergoing a renaissance, which I take to mean that it's improving culturally and restaurant-wise (technically, the idea of a rebirth doesn't make much sense because I don't think it had a glory period, other than as a place to stop for gas to get up Up Valley).

Anyway, all the people I've met in Napa have been very friendly and down to earth so far, and I'm becoming charmed by the city itself.

I've also become a new supporter of a store that understands that sometimes I just want to wear khakis without boots, heels, or extreme low rise.


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