Sunday, January 29, 2006

An Open Letter to Fellow Wine Country Drivers

I'm sincerely sorry, but half the time, I simply don't know what the speed limit is. It changes about 10 times during my 20 mile drive to school, and every other street here seems to have its own special speed limit(s). Signs such as "End 50 mph zone" or a lone "speed monitored by radar" do not help me. The speed limit is often on my mind, and yet I see the cars behind me more than I see speed limit signs. Or I see one, but it gets jumbled up with all the other speed limits around. Unless I'm sure, I tend to average it out at 45 mph. I think this is fair. I know that this dips a little when I glance at beautiful scenery or look for a turn off. You're all very nice about it--I've never noticed an unkind look or gesture (and I'm not offended if you pass me and think that I'm a tourist)--but I want you to know that I'm aware of the problem and am working on it. I also want take this opportunity to apologize for revving my engine when you fail to immediately go when a red light changes to green.


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